Taxi Tops

Orlando Taxi Top Advertising

  • Taxi advertising in Orlando communicates your message at close proximity to an audience in multiple locations 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
  • Although Taxis go everywhere, all campaigns naturally saturate Downtown Orlando, Tourist areas and the Orlando International  Airport.
  • Ability to drive home your message with in-cab displays.
  • Taxi Top Ads deliver 5,400 impressions per taxi display, per day.
  • The average taxi travels 85,000 miles per year, surpassing all other on road vehicles. Taxis are the hardest working motor vehicle,  delivering more time on the road, more miles  traveled and more opportunities to view your  message in more places.
  • Special package of 36 displays – 6,048,000 monthly impressions, to inquire, e-mail: [email protected]